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The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Insurance Coverage

Overconfidence and Optimism
The U.S. National Flood Insurance Program - A critical review
Who Needs More Help? On the Heterogeneous Effectiveness of Disease Prevention
Digital Identity and the Insurance Market: A Critical Review
On the Analysis of Moral Hazard using Experimental Studies
Externe Schocks und die Nachfrage nach Versicherungsschutz
Health Insurance Exchanges in the United States and their impact on consumer choices
The loss reserve error of insurers - a measure for earnings management
Life Insurance and Asymmetric Information
Behavior under risk and uncertainty: Evidence from insurance choices
Altruism and the Samaritan’s dilemma – implications for the provision of insurance
On the Management of Privacy Risks
Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning
Habit Formation and Incentives for Exercise. A Critical Review of the Experimental Evidence
The insurability of cyber risks
Insurance Contract Nonperformance
On the Coexistence of Public and Private Health Insurance in Germany
Insurance choices and mitigation efforts in the U.S. National Flood Insurance Program
Moralisches Risiko in der Krankenversicherung
Expected Utility vs. (Cumulative) Prospect Theory: An Analysis of Decision Making under Risk
The U.S. Federal Crop Insurance Program and Farmers’ Behavior
Benefits and Challenges of Nudging in Insurance Contexts
Gain or Loss? What is the reference point?
On the Value of Enterprise Risk Management


The Influence of Risk Aversion on Life Choices in Different Domains
An Evaluation of the Evaluation of Risks
Optimal insurance demand: An intertemporal reinvestigation
Measurement of Health Status: Evidence from the German General Social Survey (ALLBUS)
Health Status and Social Risk Factors: Evidence from the German General Social Survey (ALLBUS)
The Influence of Terrorism on Health
Decision-Making under Risk and Underlying Risk Preferences: Different Images of the Truth?
Subjective Life Expectancy and Precautionary Behavior
Gender differences in risk taking: Are men more willing to take (financial) risks than women?