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[MBR] Microeconomic Modelling Methods

Prof. Dr. Richard Peter


This course is an introduction to microeconomic theory with a focus on the underlying formal methods. The course covers individual decision making, elements of game theory, market equilibria in the partial and the general equilibrium sense and elements of welfare economics. It also explains the mathematical tools commonly used in microeconomics.

Organizational Issues


  • Core course MBR module A1


  • The course will take place from June, 18 to June, 26 2015. (see precise schedule below).
  • Venue: Schackstraße 4, room 307 and Kaulbachstraße 45, room 202
June 18th 9am - 12pm Individual Decision Making Room 307, Schackstr. 4
June 19th 9am - 12pm; 1pm - 5pm Individual Decision Making Room 307, Schackstr. 4
June 22th 9am - 12pm Choice under Risk Room 307, Schackstr. 4
June 23th 9am - 12pm Choice under Risk Room 202, Kaulbachstr. 45
June 24th 9am - 12pm; 1pm - 5pm Game Theory Room 202, Kaulbachstr. 45
June 25th 9am - 12pm Asymmetric Information Room 202, Kaulbachstr. 45
June 26th 9am - 12pm; 1pm - 5pm Asymmetric Information Room 307, Schackstr. 4


  • Your assignment for the course is to write a paper in your area that applies the concepts and models developed in class.
  • Counts as 2 contact hours.
  • Deadline for proposal submission: July 31
  • Deadline for paper submission: October 30
  • Please find further information in the syllabus.