Institut für Risikomanagement und Versicherung




Hauptseminar: Behavioral Risk Management and Insurance

Prof. Dr. Andreas Richter; Michael Hanselmann; Dr. Stefan Neuß

During the summer term of 2018, the Institute for Risk Management and Insurance will offer this seminar on behavioral risk management and insurance.

Extensive evidence shows that individuals do not behave as predicted by classic economic theory in many contexts. This is especially true in decision making under risky situations. Behavioral models in risk management and insurance try to give alternative explanations for the individuals’ behavior in the presence of uncertainty. Those models typically combine insights from psychology and microeconomic theory.

The seminar targets to familiarize the participants with the main concepts, methods, and empirical findings of behavioral risk management and insurance. This includes the preparation and presentation of a home assignment as well as taking part in the discussion during joint sessions. The seminar covers theoretical, empirical and experimental research topics.

The topics will be discussed with active involvement of the participants. Learning and research strategies are to be conveyed, so that students are empowered to acquaint themselves with a scientific problem and read up on relevant literature. Furthermore, as a basis for the Bachelor Thesis, students should be familiarized with the independent composition of a scientific piece of work.

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