Institut für Risikomanagement und Versicherung




[MBR] Readings in Insurance Economics

Prof. Mark Browne, Ph.D., Prof. Dr. Johannes Jaspersen

Course Description

  • The course purposes doctoral students to familiarize with scholarly research in the field of risk management and insurance. In order to attend and successfully pass the course a profound prior knowledge of risk management and insurance related topics and literature is required.
  • The course involves reading research papers that have been published in the field of insurance economics, as well as several working papers that are currently being reviewed for possible publication. Students are required to carefully read the studies contained in the syllabus and be prepared to discuss them in depth.
  • Each session each student will be responsible for leading discussion on a topic. In order to effectively lead discussion and share information, discussion leaders are encouraged to prepare overheads and handouts.
  • The research paper readings will be available on the course web page in advance.

Further Information