Institut für Risikomanagement und Versicherung




Hauptseminar: Digitalization in the Insurance Industry

Prof. Dr. Andreas Richter
Contact: Michael Hanselmann

Digitalization causes changes in the political, economic and technological environment which impose new challenges on the insurance industry. On the one hand, new risks and new competitors threaten the existing business model of insurance companies. On the other hand, technological advances enable insurers to refine their risk classification processes and to provide more comprehensive customer service.

The seminar highlights effects of digitalization in the insurance industry by discussing selected topics such as:

  • Insurability of cyber risks
  • Telematics and risk classification
  • Prevention efforts and Health-Apps
  • Online insurance distribution
  • Car insurance for autonomous car
  • Data mining and fraud detection

Students are supposed to acquaint themselves with their research question, read up the relevant literature and compose a scientific paper. The results of their papers will be presented and discussed in the final seminar session.

Organizational Issues


  • The number of participants is restricted.
  • Application Period: June 29th through July 10th.
  • Important information on application process and deadlines can be found here!


  • Students of Business or Economics (Bachelor) with a specialization in "Markt-und Finanzorientierte BWL" (BSc PO 2008).
  • Students of financial mathematics (Bachelor) with module WP 21 (Versicherungsbetriebslehre).


  • English


October 13th 2pm - 4pm Kick-Off-Meeting Room 307, Schackstr. 4
October 15th   Allocation of topics Via email
November 26th before 12pm Submission of papers Room 302, Schackstr. 4
December 16th all day Presentation of papers and discussions Room 307, Schackstr. 4


  • Type of examination: paper, presentation and discussion of another paper.
  • 6 ECTS (M&F-BWL: Bachelor students in Business Administration) or 6 ETCS (Bachelor students in financial mathematics)


  • Participating successfully in this seminar grants eligibility for writing a bachelor or diploma thesis at the Institute for Risk Management and Insurance.
  • Please find more information in the syllabus.