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Seminar: Catastrophe Risk Management

Lecturer: Prof. Patricia Born, PhD
Contact person: Sophie Roth, MBR

Major catastrophic losses cause severe distortions in insurance markets and the increasing size of economic losses imposes severe challenges on both insurers and governments in disaster-prone areas. Many individuals remain uninsured as they underestimate the threat of catastrophic events due to their low frequency or rely on governmental disaster relief.

The seminar examines challenges for catastrophe risk management by discussing selected topics such as:

  • Threats and opportunities of climate change for the insurance industry
  • Behavioral biases and the demand for catastrophe insurance
  • Governmental disaster relief and charity hazard
  • Capital market effects of catastrophes
  • Management of terrorism risk
  • Catastrophe bonds

Students are supposed to acquaint themselves with their research question, read up the relevant literature and compose a scientific paper. The results of their papers will be presented and discussed in the final seminar session.

Further Information

  • Please find additional information in the syllabus below.
  • Please note that this class is joint with students from Florida State University.
  • The number of participants is restricted.
  • Please apply for this seminar via our registration form here.
  • Application Deadline: September 30th 2019 (12 noon)