Institut für Risikomanagement und Versicherung




Hauptseminar: Information and Insurance

Prof. Dr. Andreas Richter
Contact: Lu Li

During the winter term 2019/20, the Institute for Risk Management and Insurance will offer this seminar on information and insurance. The seminar focuses on problems that arise from asymmetric information between insurance companies and insurees, such as moral hazard, adverse selection and insurance fraud. Further topics include risk perception, insurance demand as well as topics related to the digitization in the insurance industry. The participation in the seminar includes the presentation of a written home assignment and taking part in discussions during joint sessions, where all topics will be discussed with active involvement of the participants. Scientific research and writing strategies will be conveyed to help participants learn to solve a scientific problem by reading up on relevant literature.

Further Information

  • Syllabus (Last Update: June 3rd 2019)
  • For Business Administration (BWL) students, important information on the application process and deadlines can be found here.
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