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Insurance Management

Lecturer: Dr. Stephanie Müller

Course Description

This course provides an introduction of the economic foundations of the insurance business. Managerial questions along the value chain of insurance providers will be analyzed. Current developments will be explained and economic interrelation will be discussed.
Among the topics to consider are institutional foundations, insurance regulation, insurance distribution as well as current issues like the digital transformation of the insurance sector and the handling of cyber risks.

Main Objectives

  • Getting to know the central institutional characteristics of the insurance sector and their implications for its management.
  • Become familiar with the regulatory framework of the insurance business.
  • Be aware of key developments and challenges arising from new technologies and risks and their economic significance for the industry.

Course Outline

Module I: Insurance Industry Foundations
Module II: Insurance Regulation & Supervision
Module III: Insurance Distribution
Module IV: Insurance Products & Marketing
Module V: Current Challenges: Digitalization & Cyber Risks

Further Information