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Hauptseminar: Insurance Demand & New Business Models

Prof. Dr. Andreas Richter; Dr. Stephanie Müller (contact person,

Course Description

The analysis of insurance demand is influenced by scientific findings on the behavior of potential policyholders but also strongly by changes in the actual underlying conditions. For example, the increasing influence of online experiences changes customer expectations and behavior, and the situation of private pension provision requires more personal initiative. In addition, personal risk attitudes and perceptions are changing with their environment.

On the other hand, the insurance industry is changing dynamically in many dimensions. The evolving demand situation, new risks, and rapidly advancing digitalization require business-ready responses. The competitive environment is more challenging than ever: InsurTechs are entering the market and insurers no longer see themselves solely as risk carriers but rather as holistic service providers. Such new circumstances must be analyzed and new opportunities classified in order to be able to build new business models on them.

The seminar targets to familiarize the participants with the main concepts, methods, and empirical findings to analyze insurance demand and new business models in risk management and insurance. This includes the preparation and presentation of a home assignment as well as participating in the discussion during joint sessions. The seminar covers theoretical, empirical and experimental research topics. The topics will be discussed with active involvement of the participants. Learning and research strategies are to be conveyed, so that students are empowered to acquaint themselves with a scientific problem and read up on relevant literature. Furthermore, as a basis for the Bachelor Thesis, students should be familiarized with the independent composition of a scientific piece of work.

Course Format

Detailed information will follow.

Further Information

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  • BWL students please find important information on the application process and deadline on the faculty website. The application in LSF is active from November 17, 2021 to November 30, 2021.
  • Students of Bachelor Business Mathematics (Wirtschaftsmathematik) may participate after a successful registration via email to with your CV, matriculation number, and transcript (Kontoauszug) before February 09, 2022. An email will be sent to you no later than February 11, 2022 to tell you whether your registration is successful.